Warmth... A Home SECOND TO NONE

At Matrix Global Schools, experiential learning continues after day school. The securely located MGS Boarding House within the school compound provides a boarding experience that enhances our schools’ multicultural and international character, with staff and students from around the world. Living with others of comparable ages, different backgrounds and expectations teaches our students the true meaning of diversity and appreciation of other cultures.

The MGS Boarding House provides a twenty-first century boarding experience for secondary students aged 12 to 17 and strives to create a comfortable, homelike environment by providing constructive, loving care to each boarder. Here, boarders are nurtured to be self-reliant so that each one will develop into an independent and responsible young adult.

Dormitory Life


Our boarding students are housed in deluxe dorms of four to six students based on their age and gender. Each room is furnished to the highest modern international standard and equipped with independent air conditioning.

Each floor of the MGS Boarding House is under the supervision of competent and dedicated houseparents, who are responsible for their boarders’ round-the-clock care and support. Easily accessible in the lobby, is a medical centre, staffed by committed, trained nurses. Dormitories are cleaned regularly by our support team. However, students are expected to keep their surroundings and belongings neat and tidy. A full-service laundry is available.

Boarding life at MGS

The MGS Boarding House offers common rooms for boarders to interact, with comfortable seating areas, a reading corner, a pool table and a selection of musical instruments for students to choose from. A mini theatre is located on the top floor of the building for movie screening or internal events. The MGS Boarding House is equipped with fast WiFi connection to ease students’ communication with their loved ones as well as to facilitate academic learning during scheduled study times.